07 April 2011

Revenge is Sweet

So there's this student teacher for Vase. We'll call him, Mr Krueger because he's either mean, or pyscotic or a mixture of both. But one thing everybody knows for sure is that he has to go. For real.

Lemme rewind. On Tuesday one of the girls in my class was talking to this boy who sits next to her about how she touched a bat because it was stuck in her pool. Mr Krueger caught them and said, "You two can flirt later." Not bad, that's something even Vase would say. But as the girl tried to explain Mr Krueger told her that you could get rabies from touching a bat, which we all should know is true. You're probably saying that Mr Krueger is just being a good Samaritan, right? Well, let me continue before you go judging. So, two days later (aka today, if you lost track) Mr Krueger is still calling the girl "Rabid" and "Rabies" AND telling the class not to talk to her. And no, he's not joking.

I've also heard in my social studies class that he's a bit of a perv, and called a student smart"butt" (hey, gotta keep it family friendly) multiple times. He also calls one student in my class Special Ed, when he's not. Well, Vase sometimes calls him that, but it's a special kind of funny when she does. Not like when Mr Krueger does it. He says it mean. Mr Krueger also onced asked a somewhat short girl what the average height of a midget is. Now does he seem like a good guy?

But as the saying goes, revenge is a dish best served cold. In social studies today, we passed around a piece of notebook paper and used it to write every mean or rude thing he's ever done to us. We are gonna turn it in either to the principal or the counselor. Either one works. Also the girl in my class who is called "Rabies" by Mr Krueger is going to record him saying every mean thing so we have actual proof that he is a psychopathic axe murder in his spare time.  Mr Krueger has got to go.

Cheese Face out.

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  1. Holy frijoles! Heck, I knew he was bad news, but I didn't know it was that bad... On the last day of school, Or his last day teaching which i hope comes sooner, I'm kicking his "butt," no matter what the consequences.